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We are emptying our seas

The over-exploitation of the limited resources of our oceans is threatening the health of the whole planet.
– Fishing has wiped out 90% of the world’s large fish (1)
– $35 Billion in subsidies goes to the fishing industry worldwide – paying for bigger ships, more fuel, fishing licences, and the capture of even more marine life (2)
– Approx. 300,000 dolphins, whales, and porpoises are killed by fishing operations every year (3)
– Fishing kills up to 30,000 sharks EVERY HOUR (4)
– Lost fishing gear is by far the deadliest form of marine plastic (5)

Marevivo has been working since 1985 to combat overfishing and illegal fishing, raising awareness on the importance of reducing fish consumption, pushing for the establishment of marine protected areas and leading advocacy actions to promote laws to protect marine biodiversity.

In European seas, 64% of fish population is overexploited In the Mediterranean, overfishing reached 96%. For decades the politicians ignored the views of scientists, who set annual catch limits in our seas. Behind overfishing there are many factors, such as the illegal fishing, the weak control measures and law enforcement, the disruptive fishing methods and even fishing in the areas where fish is growing and spawning.

If we do not act immediately we’re going to witness the death of our oceans, and our children will never know the wonder and beauty of our Blue Planet.

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