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30 years of saving the sea

Marevivo is an international association recognized by the Italian Ministry of environment, with 30 years of experience protecting the sea and its infinite resources.
Its international and national endeavors are guided by scientific and juridical governing bodies, 30 territorial delegations, an underwater division and a vast network of volunteers and members.
In part to its autonomous role from political agendas, Marevivo has proved over the years to have a reputation of integrity and intellectual independence, creating partnerships with, and a vast network of likeminded institutions, citizens, and other sectors at the national and international levels.
Marevivo’s activities focus on biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, promoting marine reserves, fighting against pollution and illegal fishing, and environmental education. The goal of which are to gain the attention and interest of decision makers and increase public awareness towards the safeguards of the sea.
Marevivo is also proud to be a part of the UNESCO/DESS network, which brings together likeminded associations and organizations in an effort to incite mutual learning, exchange, and promoting attitude and behavioral change towards sustaining and protecting the planet and sea.

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