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For the third yea in a row, on the occasion of MIDO 2023, the collaboration between Marevivo, the environmental association that for almost 40 years has been fighting for the protection of the sea and its inhabitants, and Quoise Eyewear, the Italian brand that produces glasses with eco-sustainable materials.

This year, the association sees them committed to the national campaign “Replant – Give oxygen to the planet”, an awareness-raising project that aims to increase citizens’ awareness on the vital role of the marine prairies threatened by human activities, also through targeted actions such as the experimental planting of the Cymodocea nodosa.

The initiative, which includes a donation from Quoise Eyewear to Marevivo, will be officially presented from 4 to 6 February at the MIDO Eyewear Show, in Hall 2, at stand M38, where, from 9 am, Beatrice del Balzo, Marevivo’s delegate, will illustrate the national campaign and all the activities carried out by the association in synergy with Quoise.

«We are happy to have on our side a partner like Quoise Eyewear that shares our values and attention to the environment, especially to the sea» – said Beatrice del Balzo, Marevivo’s representative  at the event. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting globally and it is crucial to see a company feeling the need to apply an entrepreneurial model based on sustainability. In this context, our campaign “Replant” is a project that is very close to our hearts precisely because it aims to sensitize people on the fundamental role of the sea and its submerged prairies for our life and that of the Planet. Because our future depends on the health of the sea and the health of the sea depends on the actions of each of us.»

«Quoise glasses are made entirely of regenerated nylon; we start from the plastic waste coming from fishing nets and industrial waste and we transform them», said Fabio Avarello, Product and Marketing Manager of Quoise Eyewear. In addition to having zero impact on the environment, Quoise is working to repair the damage already in place, making a donation for each pair of glasses purchased to Marevivo, because for 37 years it has been at the forefront against the problem of plastic in the sea.»