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Environmental education

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Pablo Neruda

All the activities that the association Marevivo carries out always have an educational value aimed at spreading a greater knowledge, awareness and respect for the environment, in particular the marine one.

Marevivo, aware that the protection of the sea is closely linked to the attention of an increasing number of citizens and institutions, has identified educational activities as a tool to involve different actors present in the territory: local authorities, schools, families, ordinary citizens but also categories of operators more closely connected with the sea such as fishermen, tour operators, beach resorts, divers, etc.

To this end, the association shall promote and organize, at national and local level through its network of delegations throughout the territory, projects and pathways of environmental education and sustainable development with the aim of making public understanding of individual and collective action, aimed at the proper management of natural resources, affect biodiversity conservation, well-being and quality of life for future generations as well.

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