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Our mission

Marevivo is a Environmental Foundation that protects the sea and its resources from over 35 years. In particular we focus on biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, enhancement and promotion of marine protected areas, pollution and illegal fishing. We promote education in schools and universities.

"Together, we can change the value system of our society, to truly understand and feel the unbreakable bond we have with the sea."

Rosalba Giugni, president of Marevivo

I am the daughter of shipowners as well as a scuba diver and Naples is my hometown. In my veins runs sea not blood, this is why I set up Marevivo.

I remember observing the first signs of pollution 35 years ago when in the marvelous island of Capri foams and plastic started showing up. That is when I realized that I would not turn my back to the problem. We started with straightforward actions such as beach clean ups.

Today Marevivo relies on the work of hundreds of volunteers and thousands of members scattered all over Italy. We have a diving, sailing, canoe & kayak, beaches and shore divisions.

The Ocean is indeed our home but also our mother and our life.

The Sea covers 70% of our planet surface, produces 50% of oxygen, absorbs one third of CO2 emissions responsible for climate change and represents 98% of inhabited territory.

The sea can fulfill its vital role only if in good health and in symmetry with all living creatures, animals and plants, that inhabit it. This is why we have chosen to protect the SEA.

"We always tried to convey the message that everyone of us can do something for the sea, and even the smallest gesture can make a difference."

Carmen Di Penta, General Director of Marevivo



Rosalba Giugni

Ferdinando Boero

Fabio Galluzzo

Carmen Di Penta
General Director

Raffaella Giugni
General Secretary

Paola De Fazio
Administration and Secretariat

Leonora La Rocca
Project Coordinator

Maria Rapini
Senior Project manager

Laura Gentile
Project manager

Costanza Sala
Project manager

Cinzia Laconi
Project manager

Tiziana Schietroma
Junior Project manager

Marisa Ceccarelli
Scientific Planning and Outreach

Madia Mauro
Head of Communications and Press Office

Elisa del Gobbo
Press Officer

Federico Ferrari
Digital Communication Specialist

Rosa Lembo
Marketing Specialist

Valentina Fontanella
Photographer and Graphic Designer

Beatrice Del Balzo
Fundraising Officer

Silvia Piselli
Fundraising CRM Officer

Tiziana Schietroma
Junior project manager

Alessandra Aielli
Environmental engineer, Subdivision

Evelina Idini
Marine biologist, Subdivision

Mariella Gattuso
Head of “Plastic Free Schools for a Sustainable Future”

Massimiliano Falleri
Head of Subdivision

Rita Paone
Head of Beached and Coast Division

Alfonso Granati
Head of Sailing Division

Sergio Avallone
Head of Canoe and Kayak Division

Pier Paolo Celeste
Head of Marevivo International

Alice Bacchelli Visocchi
Assistant at Marevivo International

Directive Committee

Rosalba Laudiero Giugni


Ferdinando Boero


Fabio Galluzzo


Carmen Parisio di Penta

General Director

Raffaella Giugni

General Secretary

Carmine Esposito



Beatrice Del Balzo

Federico di Penta

Massimiliano Falleri

Federico Lembo

Maria Rapini

Scientific Committee

Prof. Ferdinando BOERO
University of Naples Federico II Department of Biology

Prof. Alberto ACCIARRI
President of the Tevere Day Association

Prof. Francesco ALIBERTI
University of Naples Federico II Department of Biology

Dott. Franco ANDALORO
Director of the Sicilian Interdepartmental Center of the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station in Naples

Prof. Giandomenico ARDIZZONE
University of Rome La Sapienza Department of Environmental Biology

Prof. Felice ARENA
Mediterranean University

University of Genoa Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences

Dott. Giampaolo BUONFIGLIO
President of Fisheries Coordination of the Italian Cooperative Alliance

Mediterranean University

Senior Researcher at the National Institute of Oceanography and Geophysics


Prof. Bruno CIGNINI
Professor at University of Rome Tor Vergata, Department of Biology

Prof. Giorgio CULAZZU
ARPAS officer

Prof. Roberto DANOVARO
President of the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station

Prof. Livio DE SANTOLI
University of Rome La Sapienza

Prof. Federico DE STROBEL
National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology

Prof. Silvano FOCARDI
University of Siena Department of Physical, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Prof. Giorgio FONTOLAN
University of Trieste Department of Mathematics and Earth Sciences

Prof.ssa Maria Bonaventura FORLEO
University of Molise Department of Economy

Prof.ssa Maria Cristina FOSSI
University of Siena Department of Environmental Biology

Dott.ssa Cecilia FRANCESCHETTI

Prof.ssa Simonetta FRASCHETTI
University of Naples Federico II Department of Biology

Prof. Silvio GRECO
University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo

Prof.ssa Concetta GUGLIANDOLO
University of Messina Department of Biology and Marine Ecology

Prof. Paolo GUIDETTI
Anton Dohrn Zoological Station

Prof. Cesare IMBRIANI
University of Rome La Sapienza
Department of Legal, Philosophical, and Economic Studies

Dott. Andrea LAZZARI
Enea Central Studies and Stategies Unit

Dott.ssa Antonella LEONE
Researcher at CNR – National Research Council

Dott. Simone LIBRALATO
National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics

Prof.ssa Olga MANGONI
University of Naples Federico II
Department of Biology

Prof.Giuliana  MATTIAZZO
Polytechnic University of Turing

Prof. Sandro MAZZARIOL
University of Padua
Department of Comparative Biomedicine and Food Science

Prof. Antonio MAZZOLA
University of Palermo Department of Heart and Sea Sciences

Gualtiero Paraiso

Prof.ssa Maria Cristina PEDICCHIO
National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics

Prof.ssa Antonella PENNA
University of Urbino Department of Biomolecular Sciences (DISB)

Prof. Cataldo PIERRI
University of Bari

Prof. Stefano PIRAINO
University of Salento – Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies (Di.S.Te.B.A.)

Dott.ssa Marina PULCINI
Marine Biologist

Dott. Antonio RANCATI
General Coordinator of Cetri-Tires

Prof. Francesco REGOLI
The Polytechnic University of Marche, Laboratory of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry


Prof.ssa Elisabetta Giovanna ROSAFIO
University of Teramo – Department of Private Legal Science

Prof. Valerio Rossi ALBERTINI
Professor of Science Communication, CNR Chemist

Dott. Vincenzo SAGGIOMO
Technology Manager at the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station in Naples

Prof. Michele SCARDI
University of Rome Tor Vergata
Department of Biology

Prof.ssa Maria Rosaria SENATORE
University of Sannio – Department of Sciences and Technology

Prof. Antonio TERLIZZI
University of Trieste Department of Life Sciences (DSV)

Prof. Francesco TIRALONGO
University of Catania, Marine Biologist

Ing. Carlo TRICOLI
Energy Expert

Leonardo TUNESI
Senior Researcher Manager at ISPRA

University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

Prof. Angelo TURSI
University of Bari Aldo Moro Department of Biology

University of Catania Luigi Vanvitelli Department of Engineering

Prof. Maurizio WURTZ
University of Genoa

University of Naples Parthenope Department of Science and Technology

Anton Dohrn Zoological Station in Naples



Prof. Ferdinando Boero
University of Naples Federico II Department of Biology

Maritime Law

Prof.ssa Elda Turco Bulgherini
University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

Ing. Annibale Cutrona
Director CoNISMa

Prof.ssa Maria Cristina Fossi
University of Siena Department of Environmental Biology


Dott. Simone Libralato
National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics


Prof. Maurizio Wurtz
University of Genoa


Alessandro Zadotti
Chartered Accountant

Legal Committee

We have been struggling 35 years to protect the sea, we have been at the forefront also in the political field and even obtained new laws for the environment. Some of the latest successful battles: the ban of microplastics in rinse-off cosmetics and the ban on sea cucumber fishing ! Passion, Professionalism and Proficiency are the winning tools !! We are very pleased of our Legal staff that supports our actions, appeals, complaints and legislative proposals.

Avv. Antonio Cavallo
Avv. Raffaele Izzo
Avv. Rosario Salonia
Avv. Carlo Srubek Tomassy


FPB Legal is an independent law firm that operates primarily in the areas of M&A, Corporate, Healthcare, Not-for-Profit Law, and Employment. With three offices in Italy (Milan, Trieste, and Bologna), and through participation in international networks of law firms, FPB Legal’s professionals are regularly involved in cross-border transactions, international business expansion projects, and disputes of international or transnational nature. Additionally, the firm assists numerous Third Sector entities, particularly active in the fields of environmental protection and health promotion.

Watson Farley & Williams is a leading Inernational Legal firm effective in major financial centers in Europe, Asia and United States of America, with two offices in Italy-Rome and Milan-and 13 international offices spread over 12 different countries. WFW operates in the Renewables market from over 35 years and has developed a strong compassion for environmental sustainability issues, energy efficiency, protection of environment and the sea. Among major green initiatives WFW has collaborated to the definition of the Poseidon principles aiming at low CO2 emissions for maritime industry and therefore for a more responsible management of the environment throughout marine sector.




Beaches and shores



Canoe and Kayak

Cavalieri del mare (ambassadors)

Cavalieri del Mare are our ambassadors: people who come from different professional fields, who share Marevivo’s values and passionately offer themselves and their time to give concreteness to our work.

They are men and women with a perfect reputation and power to capture the attention of public opinion on themes related to the environment, and gather resources to defend the ocean. On top of all they truly believe that change is possible.


Marevivo is situated on the river Tiber, its floating headquarters are located in Scalo de Pinedo, in the very center of Rome. Therefore the association can easily participate in daily river’s life.

Today the central headquarter is a meeting place for confrontation on issues concerning the defence and recovery of marine and fluvial ecosystems.


Marevivo was set up in 1985 and since the beggining has been working nonstop to safeguard the Ocean and its resources.

Thanks to its detachment from political ties and representing an image of honesty and intellectual autonomy, the association has consolidated its reputation over the years, developing a strong and far-reaching network of relationships with institutions, people and different professional areas both at national and international level.