Beaches and shores Division

The Beaches and shores Division of Marevivo was created with the aim of promoting and organizing initiatives on the mainland with the contribution of volunteers and operators of the association, from the recovery and disposal of abandoned waste in the natural environment to the numerous outdoor environmental education activities.

Beach clean-ups

Beach clean-ups are important activities for the protection of our territory from pollution and are also very fun! Organized in teams to compete with those who recover more objects or collaborate all together, hundreds of volunteers take to the field every year to clean up Italian beaches and coasts, recovering the tons of waste that are left directly on the beach or brought ashore by currents and tides. The waste collected is then disposed of according to local regulations. All cleaning activities are made possible thanks to the support of citizens, institutions and local associations, foundations and companies that throughout Italy collaborate with the association.

Environmental education

Marevivo can count on the contribution of operators and professionals who hold lectures, workshops and workshops to raise awareness on the protection of the environment and the sea. Stands on the beach or during the events are aimed at everyone and in particular at children, who are involved in recreational and educational activities on the knowledge of the marine ecosystem and its protection.

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