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Canoe and Kayak Division

The Canoe and Kayak Division, was founded in 2018 by a collaboration of Marevivo with the Regional Committee of Federcanoa Campania, which first gave its willingness to cooperate by laying the foundations for the definition of a memorandum of understanding, initially regional and then national.

The aim of the division is to promote knowledge and protection of the marine and lake ecosystem, to collaborate and contribute to the spread of respect for the natural environment in particular through awareness-raising activities, information and environmental education. Environmental protection is a theme closely linked to the world of canoeing for both competitive sports and tourism. Water is our defining element and the protection of seas, rivers and lakes is an essential element.

Marevivo collaborates with the FICK Federazione Italiana Canoa e Cayak to support the high social and cultural value of water and canoeing sports.

Blue Kayak Day

The Division organizes activities in which all Italian canoeists, professionals, amateurs, simple practitioners and Olympic champions, are called to go down in canoe to free from plastic and waste our waters. Everyone is invited to share the initiative through the publication on social networks of photos and videos with hashtags:


“Occhio al mare” APP

The Division is involved, along with those of sailing and diving in Marevivo, in sighting activities of marine species and waste that can be reported through the app “Occhio al Mare” available on Android and iOS devices.

Download the Occhio al Mare APP to collect information on sightings!

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