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Plastic Free Schools for a Sustainable Future

School plays a key role in the education and training of children and can play a central role in raising awareness among the younger generations about plastic pollution and the importance of protecting the environment and the marine ecosystem. That’s why we asked schools to become plastic free, eliminating the use of disposable plastic.

What is it

Since its launch in 2018 the campaign aimed at schools has evolved: the hundreds of accessions from all over Italy and the numerous requests for information and collaboration have pushed Marevivo, together with the first schools that have joined the campaign, the’I.C. Via Baccano of Rome and theIstituto Bersagliere Urso-Mendola di Favara (AG), to sign an agreement that is now open to all the schools that want to start a journey aimed at promoting respect for and protection of the environment among students and teachers.

The campaign anticipated the ban introduced on June 5 by Directive 2019/904 of the European Parliament and the EU Council which, from 2021, will ban only some of the most common disposable plastic objects, with the aim of promoting greater awareness and a more ecologically correct conscience, starting from the youngest and their educators.


Joining the campaign “Plastic Free Schools for a Sustainable Future” means contributing immediately to create a multiplier effect of what will be transmitted and shared with students, transferring it in family and among friends and reaching also the general system of supply and demand with purchases in line with an increasingly conscious and responsible lifestyle. In addition, there are other opportunities that Marevivo will be able to propose for those who join the network: exchange of information, new projects and partnerships, sharing of experiences, open collaborations, educational visits, educational trips and much more. All this as part of a project to promote environmental protection and the cultural and civic growth of our young people.


To join the network it is necessary to:

1) Read the agreement that you can download here

2) Release a Resolution of the Council of Institute that will decide to join the network

3) Fill in and sign the Application Form and send it to the email address:, you will receive a reply email with the page where to download the materials made available by Marevivo

4) Release a document for students, school staff and families with information on the ban of disposable plastic

5) Adopt these behaviours and measures:


  • encourage the creation of virtuous mechanisms of motivation and self-motivation for environmental protection;
  • promote a vision of the environment as a common good to take care of;
  • to encourage and support the training and information of teaching staff, ATA, students and parents on recycling and energy saving;
  • to carry out actions to raise awareness among families and the neighbourhood about good practices for the protection and respect of the environment;
  • to promote the comparison between Scholastic Institutions about the identification of common strategies to safeguard the environment;
  • to enhance the skills and resources (logistical and professional) of the individual entities participating in SPFFS, as well as provide for the establishment of a list of “good practices” to be disseminated to other schools and educational institutions;
  • to develop a “network culture”, raising awareness, involving and co-sponsoring all actors (families, local authorities, associations, universities, institutions) in the planning and implementation of the network projects.


We have provided posters to be showed in the school, in-depth materials on environmental issues and video-tutorials. Once registered you will receive the first materials to download, in the following months new materials and video-tutorials will be uploaded on which you will be informed via email. We also created a private group on Facebook where you can get in touch with other schools in the network, share experiences and materials.

For information and support on distributors and reusable bottles send an e-mail to





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