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Biodiversity conservation

Acting but not as a dominant specie,
but as a specie among other species.

Biodiversity is the diversity of life at all its levels of organization: an incredible variety of organisms, plants, animals and ecosystems all connected to each other and all necessary.

Word recently invented, in 1980 by Tom Lovej, appears a bit complicated and for insiders, in truth it is actually the theme par excellence open to all, because it is life itself, from the smallest and elementary gene to the most complex ecosystem: we are part of it and thanks to the biodiversity of the planet every day we can supply ourselves with food, water, energy and all the other resources necessary to our life.

But what are the causes of biodiversity loss? Pollution, alien species, overfishing, habitat loss and fragmentation, climate change are among the main causes, as they can irreversibly alter the balance of our ecosystem.

Humans have the duty to preserve this immense and unique heritage also for the sake of future generations.

Projects and campaigns


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