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Environmental policies

We fight to acquire fairer laws
for the protection of our planet


The commitment of each and every one of us is essential
to save the Blue Lung of the Earth

Goals reached

Ongoing activities


International commitment

The sea plays a fundamental role in regulating the climate of our planet; it produces over 50% of the oxygen, with a function comparable to that of tropical forests, and absorbs about a third of the excess of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by anthropogenic activities.

In recent years, however, fish stocks are missing, land and marine habitats are increasingly polluted (due to human activities), biodiversity is at risk and the oceans are becoming dangerously hot and acidic. The incautious and illegal fishingthat is disrupting the entire trophic network and the ever-increasing pollution are seriously endangering the vital functions of seas and oceans.

Our future depends on
the health of our Sea

It is fundamental to act and act now

That is why Marevivo is constantly engaged in awareness-raising actions of governments to obtain effective and concrete laws aimed at the conservation and defense of the marine ecosystem and its species. In particular, among the last battles won to fight the threat of the marine litter: the law for the ban of microplastics in cosmetics and that to safeguard from non-biodegradable cotton buds

of biodiversity, the prohibition of fishing sea cucumbers, a specie seriously threatened due to overfishing. In approval phase the Salvamare law in order to allow fishermen to throw away in dock the waste fished in the sea. Marevivo works actively forthe establishment of Marine Protected Areas that represent a factor of pivotal importance for the protection of the Sea.

Remain alert and raise awareness.
In defence of the sea



Stop Microplastics in


Stop non biodegradable Cotton Pads


Stop sea cucumber

Ongoing actions


To allow fishermen to properly throw away the plastic that ends in their nets.


#StopSingleUsePlastic to ban single use plastics


Per incentivare al massimo il riciclo degli imballaggi e abbattere la dispersione dei rifiuti nell’ambiente

Ongoing petitions

Stop eating plastic

Sign in


Sign in

Stop the Massacre
of Taji dolphins

Sign in

A minute of your time can save our Oceans

International commitment

We are intensifying our international cooperation through joint agreements, meetings, events and projects.

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Marevivo is committed at national and international level for the protection of the sea.
Support our actions.
The Sea needs You !


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