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Stop sea cucumber fishing


An important step for the balance of the marine ecosystem

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Thanks also to our work, the ban on fishing, retaining on board, transhipping and landing holothurians (sea cucumbers) has been approved and renewed by Ministerial Decree No. 13130 for the whole of 2020, and we are working to ensure that it becomes definitive.

Cucumber fishing, now almost at risk of extinction due to unbridled commercial fishing for export to eastern countries, where they are considered luxury food, are indispensable to the marine ecosystem due to their ability to oxygenate the waters and cleanse the seabed of waste. It is necessary to preserve the balance of the marine ecosystem by protecting from the largest cetacean to the smallest living being.


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International commitment

Marevivo is committed at national and international level for the protection of the sea. Support our actions. The Sea needs You !