Since 1985 Marevivo has been working to find the right balance between environmental protection and economic and social development. To this end, we collaborate with the private sector, which can become an important player in the conservation of the marine and natural environment through investments, good practices for corporate sustainability and through the development of policies and solutions that can make a difference in terms of a more modern development linked to the circular economy.

Why you should commit for the environment

Sustainability is the only way: it should not be seen as a constraint, but as a necessary choice to guarantee a future for the new generations, to safeguard our planet and ecosystems from the threats caused by human action.

Furthermore, sustainability is an economic competitive advantage.

Through the collaboration with Marevivo, the entrepreneurial realities can become promoters of the protection of the environment and support our projects in defense of the sea.

Sustainability is innovation:
be part of the change.

Cause marketing

A product dedicated to Marevivo acquires a meaning and carries with it the important message of protection of the marine ecosystem. Through cause marketing, it is not only possible to sponsor the activities of Marevivo but also to contribute to raise awareness about environmental protection. Customers are therefore invited to become more aware consumers and to make a difference through their purchasing choices.


Awareness campaigns, environmental education projects, actions to clean beaches and seabeds, initiatives to protect biodiversity… Marevivo carries out many activities to defend the sea, each of which requires a great use of energy and resources. Many of these are made possible thanks to the contribution of companies that share the same values of environmental protection and that value their commitment to sustainability.

Become a Volunteer

More and more companies choose to involve their employees in their commitment to sustainability. Marevivo organizes activities of Corporate Volunteering to clean-up beaches and coasts, in order to allow corporate groups to get out there and do something concrete to protect the sea. This type of experience, in addition to make employees aware of the importance of sustainability, contributes to encourage team building and cooperation.

For the clean-up beach, Marevivo provides its support to the groups and give them the tools and information necessary to carry out the cleaning action in total safety and respect of the natural environment.

Corporate gifts

Companies can make a gift to their employees during the holidays or for a special occasion: a gift with Marevivo is a way to support our initiatives and at the same time share a nice thought with your team. Our reusable bottle, a bookmark or a simple greeting card… Depending on the needs and requests, it is possible to agree on a small gift that also goes to support our projects in defense of the sea.

Plastic free business

Companies, with the support of Marevivo, can transform the workplace into a plastic free environment and thus become a virtuous example. We can provide guidance and useful tools to facilitate this step.

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