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Over 400 students and teachers on board the Nave Palinuro of the Italian Navy for the second stop of the ship at the Port of Milazzo. A special day for the many young students who, during the school year, have been involved in environmental education initiatives and projects promoted by Marevivo and, for the occasion, have received the recognition for the end of their career conferred directly by the Master of the ship, Mario Esposito.

Students of the schools “Istituti Comprensivi Primo, Secondo e Terzo Milazzo” – who participated in the Delfini Guardiani” project were present at the event, together with students of the “ITET Leonardo Da Vinci” – who participated in the “NauticinBlu” project – as well as students of the “Liceo Scientifico G.B. Impallomeni” who are completing the Alternanza Scuola Lavoro – PCTO (“learning and working“) project.

All the students showed an attentive participation in the workshops that the crew had organized to involve them and to introduce the ship’s history, to learn techniques and strategies for safe navigation, to learn how to manage adverse weather conditions, and communicate with rescuers to manage situations of emergencies, such as fires on board and shipwrecks.

But the initiative was also an opportunity to visit the exhibition  “ONLY ONE: One Planet, One Ocean, One Health” set up on board the ship and linked to the new communication Campaign launched by Marevivo, Italian Navy and Fondazione Dohrn on the subject of ecological transition, under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security and the Minister of Civil Protection and Marine Policies.

A travelling exhibition of 11 panels, focused on the themes of energy, ecological and food transition, on the concept of circular economy, on the problem of plastic pollution and on the threats to seas and oceans.

After the visit of students, the ship hosted a seminar focused on the subjects of the exhibition, with speeches by the Master of Nave Palinuro, Mario Esposito, the Director General of Marevivo, Carmen di Penta, the Mayor of Milazzo, Pippo Midili, the Commanders of local sections of the Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, and the Port Authority, the President and the Director of Capo Milazzo Marine Protected Area, Giovanni Mangano and Giulia Visconti, and the Director of Marevivo Sicily, Mariella Gattuso.

The goal is to actively contribute to raising awareness about the fact that our health, just like the health of all living beings, depends on the balance between the living and non-living world.said the Director General of Marevivo, Carmen di PentaThe excessive exploitation of natural resources is seriously endangering this balance, causing major emergencies such as pollution, the climate crisis, and the loss of biodiversity. It is important to involve young people, especially in these initiatives of knowledge and awareness, and to hope that through their commitment, true change can be achieved.”