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Marevivo dice NO ai grandi eventi in spiaggia

But what “motocross emotions”, “suggestive background” and “beach that turns into a spectacular track”.

These titles, which refer to the motocross competition that took place in recent days on the beach of Chiaia in Forio (Ischia) should, on the contrary, denounce yet another massacre committed by man to the detriment of the environment.

We are witnessing – astonished – the massive planning of events and events that, instead of taking place in suitable venues (racetracks, tracks, stadiums) use the beaches and natural sites as locations. The calendar is rich: Forio (Ischia), Senigallia (AN), Bordighera (IM), just to name a few. And this happens in spite of what is established by the CAM, Minimum Environmental Criteria, approved by the Ministry of Ecological Transition last November, which define the beaches “vulnerable areas” where it is not possible to carry out impactful events.

The beaches and coastlines, which already suffer from the pressures caused by pollution, the cementification of the coasts, irresponsible tourism, the destruction of the submerged beds of posidonia and various activities that take place within them or in the immediate hinterland, represent fragile and dynamic environments and are important transition areas between land and sea. In addition to hosting valuable ecosystems, they are filter areas that protect the sea from the pollution of the hinterland and the hinterland from the erosive action of the sea and from the rise of salt water in freshwater aquifers. Only sand, which we often take for granted, takes millennia to form.

As Marevivo we wrote to the Mayor of Forio, asking to ban, as far as his competence, the use of the beaches of its territory for any initiative that does not allow a fruition compatible with the maintenance of the environmental characteristics of this delicate and very important habitat. But we never got an answer.

Chiaia is among the most frequented and known beaches of the island of Ischia, also “adopted” by Marevivo as part of his national campaign “Adopt a beach”, which aims to help counter some of the critical issues generated by human impact, but also enhance these environments and remember how much a collective responsibility to constantly take care of a place so fragile and precious as the beach to which even today – unfortunately – we are used to think only in the summer and in utilitarian form.

There are no eco-sustainable events in beaches or natural areas, indeed, these are often the result of decisions, even political, that violate the same values of sustainability and environmental protection declaimed among their purposes. Economic interests are obviously stronger than any action dictated by respect and common sense, yet man’s life depends on the sea and its health. We will never tire of saying it!

Here Marevivo strongly relaunches the petition against the great events on the beach, signed with ENPA, LAV, Sea Shepherd Italia and the Coordination C.I.T.A.N.G.E.