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Marevivo’s international campaign “Only One“, created with the support of Fondazione Dohrn, and in collaboration with the Italian Navy, will be hosted on board the training ship, with the aim of conveying the message of the urgency of an ecological transition.

Starting from tomorrow, Saturday 1st July, the day of departure from the Port of Genoa, a permanent exhibition and a video in Italian and English will welcome visitors from various countries of the world on board the ship. The exhibition will focus on four main subjects, such as defense of biodiversity, energy transition, food transition and circular economy. These same subjects will be the focus of debates and meetings with international experts.

The goal is to create more and more awareness on the fact that our health, just like the health of all living beings, depends on the harmony between the living and non-living world and that human activities – such as the withdrawal of food resources, overfishing, intensive farming, habitat destruction and deforestation – have broken this harmony that we can only restore by working all together with a holistic approach, at different levels.

There is no more time, the countdown tells us that we have only 6 years and 22 days left to the time of no return when, with the Planet warming by over 1.5 degrees, we will witness a global catastrophe. For this reason, the measures that have been indicated by leading researchers from all over the world must be adopted as soon as possible.

Only through raising awareness we can face the difficult future that we have ahead of us. Droughts and floods, two sides of the same coin, are the product of climate change to which we must find a solution, and at the same time, to implement the ecological transition, a theme present in the exhibition which accompanies all the stops of the ship.” declares Rosalba Giugni, President of Marevivo.

The campaign has been realized under the High Patronage of the European Parliament and with the Patronage of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security and the Ministry of Civil Protection and Marine Policies.