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Since 2014 we have recovered out-of-us tires illegally abandoned in the sea and on the coasts

ELT Zero is a project of Marevivo and Ecotire that consists of the extraordinary collection on land and at sea of abandoned ELTs, particularly at the bottom of port areas


We work in synergy with municipal administrations, Port Authorities, diving, and with the Navy and marine protected areas, where involved. The Ecotire consortium is responsible for collecting all collected ELTs free of charge and sending them for proper recovery, relieving municipalities of the cost they would have to pay for this service.

Watch us in action!  With our extraordinary collection efforts, we help rid territories of abandoned tires and talk to citizens to make them aware of the importance of protecting the marine ecosystem and the proper recycling of ELTs. 


They are among the most common plastic pollutants in the world

Tire wear on asphalt releases microplastics that leak into the environment and reach the oceans. According to a 2017 International Union for Conservation of Nature report, According to a 2017 International Union for Conservation of Nature report, car tires make up about 28 percent of all microplastics in the world’s oceans. 

They are a health hazard to marine animals and humans

Once these particles get into rivers and oceans, they can pose a threat to the ecosystem. They can cause the death of marine animals that ingest them by mistaking them for food, and they also enter the human food chain.

A 100 percent recyclable resource

End-of-life tires are a “permanent” type of waste: if left in the wild, it takes hundreds of years to degrade. If it is managed in the right way, however, it becomes a 100 percent recyclable resource and can be reused to create new materials, in keeping with the principle on which the circular economy is based.

The latest activities of the Subdivision

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