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The Ghost Nets Operation is a project to collect abandoned nets. The seabed, in fact, are full of abandoned or accidentally lost nets that represent one of the biggest threat for the ecosystem. They represent a danger for marine life, because animals get trapped and choke. Moreover, time after time, they degrade in small pieces, the microplastics, which are ingested by animals.

In 2009, UNEP and FAO have estimated that every year about 640,000 tonnes of ghost nets are abandoned or lost in the oceans – and probably the number today is even higher. More recent studies have instead found that the weight of the ghost nets represents between 46% and 70% of all the macroplastic in our seas.

Regarding the Mediterranean, this phenomenon is larger inside the Marine Protected Areas, especially in the A areas, parts of the sea that enjoy maximum protection in order to ensure the repopulation of the sea. Marevivo Diving Division is organizing the collection of abandoned nets and fishing gears, thanks to the support of our divers and the divers of Marine Protected Areas. The project includes moreover the collaboration between the Port Authority, Marine Protected Areas and municipal administrations.

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Operations took place in the Secca of Punta Bassana, in Marettimo, with the precious collaboration of the Marine Protected Area of Egadi Islands, the municipality of Favignana, the Blu Teck Diving Marettimo and the Carabinieri Naval Service.


The divers recovered nets from the seabed of Ciclopi Islands, with the support of the Marine Protected Area of Ciclopi Islands, the Divers Nucleus of the Coast Guard of Messina, the Underwater Carabinieri Nucleus of Messina and the Carabinieri Naval Service.


The Scuba Diving Division has checked the Secca di Vada’s seabeds, in the north of Cecina, to clean up the area polluted not only by ghost nets but even by tyres and plastic waste. The operation was carried on with the contribution of Diving Center of Cecina, the Nautic Center of Nettuno and the municipality of Cecina.

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