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Museo di Storia Naturale di Venezia | 9 June – 9 October 2022

Marevivo and Fon in Venice with the photo exhibition "The Living Sea" The beauties of the Sea are disappearing. How to defend them?

The exhibition organized by Marevivo Onlus, Marevivo Veneto and FON – Focused on Nature was realized with the aim of raising awareness of the unique and fragile heritage represented by the sea and its creatures, in order to draw attention to its essential function for human life. The works of the photographer and environmentalist Hussain Aga Khan, accompanied by the videography of Simone Piccoli, will talk about the life of the seabed and the importance of the sea, offering opportunities for reflection and discussion on how to protect it. Among the main partners of the exhibition: Rai Cultura, TeleAmbiente, Italpress and Green Media Lab (media partnership), Save Group, CheBanca!, EPM, Renexia, Villa Sandi and Mare di Carta.


The exhibition is held at the Natural History Museum of Venice Giancarlo Ligabue in Venice, was inaugurated on Wednesday 8 June on the occasion of World Oceans Day and will remain open to the public until 9 October 2022.


Over the course of its duration, the event will host a series of events that will deal with the current issues of the sea and threats to marine biodiversity, food transition, microplastic pollution and shark-finning.


The event is organized with the patronage of MITE, MIPAAF, City of Venice, Confindustria Venice and is in collaboration with the Biennale of Art.

The Living Sea presents the view of two friends, Hussain Aga Khan and Simone Piccoli, on the extraordinary diversity of the underwater world of three countries:Tonga, Mexico and Egypt.

Both born in 1974, Hussain Aga Khan, a photographer and author of books and exhibitions, and Simone Piccoli, director of underwater documentaries, met in November 2014 on a dolphin expedition Simone was guiding in Sataya, Red Sea, where gigantic groups of spinner dolphins cruise and near where the strange and peaceful dugong can be seen grazing. In subsequent years, they set their sights on Vava’u, one of the two main islands in Tonga, whose deep waters whales come to give birth in every summer, and the Revillagigedo islands far off the coast of Mexico, where megafauna like oceanic manta rays and scalloped hammerheads flourish, as do gigantic whale sharks, the biggest fish in the sea that eat only plankton. To guide us through these three fascinating, diverse places, Hussain Aga Khan’s large format prints, accompanied by the author’s comments, dialogue with Simone Piccoli’s award-winning films, shot during their joint expeditions.

La Mostra Fotografica

Hussein Aga Khan

An avid tropical fish hobbyist since the age of five and a reptile and amphibian enthusiast for nearly as long, Hussain Aga Khan developed a keen interest in conservation at a young age and began scuba diving at 14. He started travelling to the tropics frequently after secondary school and began taking photographs of fauna and flora on a trip to the Brazilian Amazon in 1996. Multiple photographic expeditions, often organized jointly with scientists or professional photographers, have led him to constitute extraordinary archives, covering various geographical areas and types of habitats as well as a large number of marine and terrestrial species. His books and exhibitions, shown in many countries, aim to inspire admiration for wildlife and therefore the desire to protect it. His new book, The Living Sea, was released in May 2022.

Il Video

Simone Piccoli

Born in Italy in 1974, Simone Piccoli moved to Egypt in 2003 to follow his dream of becoming a diving instructor and underwater videographer. After a few years working in the diving industry, he created his own production company and dedicated all his time to filmmaking and capturing the amazing underwater world. He has produced a number of short films of iconic marine life such as sharks, dolphins and humpback whales. Simone runs workshops and lectures to share his knowledge with enthusiasts and experts alike. On his tours, he specializes in underwater and wildlife videography, and provides tips and techniques for getting the best shots in challenging locations. Since 2019 and his participation in international film contests with Whale Totem, his films This is Egypt - One Step Ahead and Beacons of Hope have won numerous awards.

“In my photographs, I let the animals
and trees speak for themselves and
hope other people see the beauty I see”

Hussain Aga Khan



For this exhibition, the environmental association Marevivo Onlus and Marevivo Veneto ETS have partnered with Focused on Nature, the Swiss association created by Hussain Aga Khan to promote, through the power of photography, awareness of environmental causes and to finance some of the best wildlife charities in the world for particular species and ecosystems of interest.