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A talk on ecological transition on board the Nave Palinuro of the Italian Navy

Today is a very special day as the journey of our campaign begins. In all the stages of the ship, we will talk about crucial environmental issues that we have been pursuing for some time to raise people’s awareness. Our Planet is on fire, we are experiencing a frightening climate crisis: we need a decisive ecological transition”.

These words were pronounced by the President of Marevivo, Rosalba Giugni, who presented – on board the Nave Palinuro, docked in the Port of Naples – the international campaign “ONLY ONE: One Planet, One Ocean , One Health” realized by Marevivo and Fondazione Dohrn, in collaboration with the Italian Navy.

The campaign included cycles of meetings to raise citizens and institutions awareness on the urgency of  an ecological transition, and a traveling exhibition of 11 thematic panels that will travel on board the Nave Palinuro and Nave Vespucci.

The General Director of Marevivo Carmen Di Penta, the Vice President of Marevivo and President of the Fondazione Dorhn, Ferdinando Boero and 54 young students of the “Francesco Morosini” Military Naval School who embarked for their “baptism of the sea” were present at the event.

The European Union is promoting marine literacy actions, because we feel that there is a lot of illiteracy on the issues of the ocean and the sea. We are working to raise awareness among the population and we have set up this exhibition on board of the Nave Palinuro which will bring an important message around the Mediterranean to understand the role of the Ocean and what we can do to move from a culture without ecology to a culture where there is an ecology.” Ferdinando Boero said.

On this occasion, the third edition of the Green Literary Award “Le Pagine della Terra” also took place, which also saw the founders of the award Claudio Cutuli and Vera Slepoj on board the ship, while the directors of the jury Ermete Realacci, President of Symbola, and the master director Enrico Vanzina sent their greetings in a video message.