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The election of new President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris imposed a 360-degree change in the course of the United States of America and the entire Western world regarding environmental protection and climate change.

During his first speech as President, Biden put the environment among the fundamental points of his political action. His intentions are to bring the US back into the Paris Climate Agreement with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and fighting global warming.

«Finally, the difficult but indispensable path for the future survival of the human species on our planet is reopened», says Rosalba Giugni, president of Marevivo. «We must remember that the first of the problems of the sea is represented by CO2 emissions, which causes climate change and acidification of the oceans. It is therefore essential to quickly switch to alternative, renewable energies, and to protect the oceans, the amniotic fluid of the human species and its habitats».