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Exactly one year has passed since we launched the petition ” NO ai grandi eventi su spiagge e siti naturali” (No to huge events on beaches and natural sites) and we have taken several steps forward.

Together, we managed to bring the attention of media and public opinion to a problem that had been underestimated until then: the importance of safeguarding beaches and natural sites from huge events that damage their ecosystems. We raised people’s awareness on the problem, and many who would have previously attended such events understood how harmful seemingly innocent concerts or motor races can be to the flora and fauna that inhabit these wonderful but fragile habitats.

We have been called “Eco-Nazis” by those who don’t want to propose a different (and right) way of having fun that doesn’t alter the natural balance achieved by the Planet over millions of years. But we didn’t stop!

We moved forward. We wrote to the Government and Ministers, we monitored and reported, we explained and narrated, we joined forces with other associations, and, relentlessly, we continue to defend the most precious thing: life. We have reached over 66,000 signatures from citizens who, like us, demand JUSTICE, but that doesn’t mean we should stop. Because the same huge events, throughout the winter period and even now in the summer season, have NEVER stopped.

Once again, there is a need to raise our voices in defense of the Sea, which produces over 50% of the oxygen we breathe and absorbs 1/3 of the carbon dioxide produced by human activities. But what can each of us do? Make our voice heard and demand that these events take place in appropriate locations!

Share the petition with those you know and spread this message of awareness among your friends as well. Let’s shout together: “No to huge events on beaches and natural sites“!