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we have to change our habits
to protect the sea

At holidays and other special occasions the use of balloons, fireworks and confetti is common However, most people are not aware of the negative impact this type of waste can have on the environent.
So it is for this reason we have launched the campaign #for the sea it is no party time

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Stop balloons flight

Often for special commemorations, balloons are released into the air, as if they were doves. Where do all those balloons eventually go? They return downwards, diffusing into the environment and represent a threat to all those animals that end up trapped in their threads or ingest balloon pieces, mistaking them for food.

The campaign

Fire works

A part from representing a potential danger for human and animal health, fireworks are a source of plastic pollution. These powders are protected from moisture by a plastic casing. These plastic shells end up in the environment and in the sea and sometimes it is almost impossible to retrieve them.

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Confetti and streamers

Plastic confetti are still widespread during festivities. Unfortunately they are not biodegradable and, once thrown out, they inevitably end up into the environment and, because of their infinitely small size, they are hard at detecting, escape filters and diffuse into the sea. Fortunately enough, now numerous Italian Municipalities have started to ban their use and are finding alternatives that are sustainanble.

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