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Know to protect

The Ecological Transition requires the involvement of future generations and schools represent the driving engines for the creation of a society based on sustainable development. Within this transition Environmental Education is the most important tool and must be used to stir up awareness of individual responsibilities as well as inducing the adoption of new lifestyles.

Marevivo Education is a portal devised for schools in order to give access to video-lessons, academic files, projects and a dense network of connections amongst schools that share values of respect for the environment.

Plastic free schools

A virtuous path that aims at promoting repsect and protection for the Environment amongst students and teachers.


Piano RiGenerazione Scuola

The plan of the Ministry of Education for an ecological and cultural transition of schools.



Since 1985 we have been active in environmental education field throughout Italy. Our activities in schools gather local authorities, schools, families and ordinary citizens for the protection of the sea and represent the most effective tool to expand knowledge of the Marine Ecosystem.


Video-lessons and teaching materials.

We provide free video lessons held by experts of the field, scientists and professionals that address issues related to the protection of the sea and the environment and other teaching materials that may be used for education and learning.


“The sea to me represents calmness but also agitation. Since sometimes it is calm, other times agiated. A little bit like my feelings”

Luca, 9 years old

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