Occhio al Mare

Download our APP to collect important information about your sightings in the sea.

The APP to protect the sea

Marevivo Sailing Division looks at the sea with different eyes in order to contribute to the activities that the association is carrying on. The first campaigns with the contribute of the Diving Division are Occhio alla pinna!, Occhio alle meduse!, Occhio alla tartaruga!, Occhio alla plastica! and were designed to collect data respectively on whales and dolphins, the most common jellyfish, turtles and plastic waste that pollutes our seas.

These actions are part of the citizen science, an innovative approach to scientific research that recognises and enhances the participation of citizens in activities conducted according to the standards developed by the scientific community. In this context, all data collected by sailors will be processed and delivered to various national and international institutions, in order to contribute to the integration of knowledge on these topics and to support specific conservation measures or measures to reduce forms of degradation and pollution.

The App requires you to start sailing every time you leave the port and finish it when you return. When sailing, if there are sightings it will be possible to register through a guided procedure that allows you to identify the species and their behavior. In addition, a specific section allows you to send reports on the presence of plastic waste or other pollutants.

The App also allows you to take and send a photograph of the sighting.

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